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Second Chance: Ch 12
[Original Title: Hetalia x Scary!Strong!Dense!M!reader]
The Godfathernation
(f/n) = first name  (2p!f/n) = 2p! first name  (l/n) = last name  (f/f) = favorite food  italic = narrator's voice/MC or character thinking  bold = dark/evil/1p!'s voice  (c/n) = country name  (m/n) = mafia name  (f/f) = favorite food
"Hello reader, you probably wondering why this chapter taking too long and also why the mafia is giving a concrete footbath," said (f/n), tied up with his feet in a tub while the men with shades and suit filled it up with cement mix.
"Who the hell are you talking to!?" yelled an Italian with a curl on his left while being tied up.
"It all started with this morning......."
"You know if you stop talking now, you can save time on panicking," said the same man.
(f/n)! Get the fuck
:iconmikumikuknight:MikuMikuKnight 34 21
Male!Cruella X Male!Reader ~ Insecurities ~ Ch. 1
Sequel to 'Running', link to the prologue in the description. Reading that first would be a big help with this one if you want to understand half the references :) Enjoy~
Chapter 1

"...Dammit." The hissed curse was met by a giggle by the other person at the table as Curt De Vil dropped the phone into its cradle with a sigh, dropping his head into his hands and glaring up at the sixteen-year-old he'd shared his house with for the past five years.
"Did you just get rid of another one?" [Name] giggled as he brought another crisp to his mouth, Domino sat on the floor beside his chair staring up at him hungrily. "I'm so sorry. I thought Emma was doing so well!" The giggles that continued to punctuate his words along with the underlying sarcasm proved to Curt that [Name] De Vil was not, in fact, sorry at all to hear of the unfortunate departure of his adopted father's most recent in a long line of PAs. Indeed, he seemed quite thrilled. Though it had to be said that he didn't get along
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 36 9
Pirate!England X Male!Pirate!Reader ~ Masquerade 4
Chapter 4
"I would like to know exactly what you intend to do with  us." You bit back a large tired sigh at the words and raised your head to stare at the British captain whom you had never actually had around you for this long before. Not out of bed, anyway. He was stood with his arms crossed and an irritated scowl on his face as you tried to bend over the maps without actually bending over, in order to keep your stomach from aching. It was near noon already, and you hadn't slept in almost two days. The British love of complaining was not something you wanted to have to be dealing with right now.
"Trust me, if there was somewhere to drop you both off we would all be happy." You grumbled, returning your gaze to the map on the table in front of you and having Declan adjust your course slightly. "But there's no time to go back, and even if there was, I'm not risking going back into Spanish waters! Could you please just be quiet and do as you're told now? Thank you."
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 20 1
Sterek Valentine by DinosaurioXD Sterek Valentine :icondinosaurioxd:DinosaurioXD 3 0
Second Chance: Ch 11
[Original Title: Hetalia x Scary!Strong!Dense!M!reader]
Our Lord Doitsu and the Holy Ghost part 2
(f/n)= first name  (l/n)= last name  (h/c)= hair color    (c/n)= country name bold= you're using your dark voice  italic= narrator talking and/or character thinking sub= talking to the narrator secretly and/or whispering  
"Huh? You're finally back....." said (f/n) weakly with a long (h/c) beard to the ground. He hunch over with a cane supporting him. 
It wasn't that long of an an update. Take that stupid beard off.
"Fine, fine." (f/n) removed the fake beard and threw away the cane. "So now what I'm suppose to do? In the last chapter he threw me and left somewhere-"
"Woof! Woof! Woof!" Three dogs ran up to (f/n) excitedly.
"Hey! No! Stop! I don't have any meat on me!"
Do you?
"..........Fine, I had some wurst in my
:iconmikumikuknight:MikuMikuKnight 51 17
Deucalion X Male!Teen!Werewolf!Reader ~ Asylum
Sequel to Loyalty, link in the description
"_____ [l/n]."
You didn't even look up as the man in the white coat entered the dark room in which you were sat at a heavy metal table, trying to be patient with the straight jacket that held you in place, but when he sat down in the seat across from you you offered him a smirk.
"Must we go through this charade every time, Phil?" You asked him mock sweetly. "You and I both know what my name is. Last I heard I had no intention of changing it."
Phil cleared his throat, and you detected his rise in heartbeat and the spike of perspiration as he started laying out his files on the table in front of him. He was afraid of you.
Honestly you hated the man, but you had made an agreement with Deucalion and you weren't going to kill anyone until it was safe to do so. So here you were, trying to find a needle in a haystack. That is, a hunter who had been locked up here in the asylum a couple of years back when she lost it after a particularly
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 17 0
Altair x Pink Eyed!Male!Reader - 9
A/N: hello babs it’s been way too long. I know I know, I left you on a cliffhanger. My bad. Anyways, school got me fucked up man and no ideas or inspiration so, let's just jump right on in shall we?
Sorry if I made Altair ooc.
Key: in description
He can't find him. He can't fucking find him. Where could he possibly be?
Altair knew something was off. First, a horse was gone from the stables, even though no one was sent on a mission from what he knows. He asked Al Mualim, confirmed his knowledge. Second, (M/n) wasn't in his room. He knew he always stayed in his room unless he needed to be somewhere. He knocked three times, no answer, entered. He noticed a crumpled paper on the floor, kneeling to pick it up and straightened it out on the desk near him. He noticed the signature, his name. It wasn't even his handwriting, (M/n) should've known what it looked like. “Fuck!” Altair shouted, slamming his fist on the desk, clatter from various objects ec
:iconmoonlightstar77:MoonLightStar77 17 6
Anatoly Ranskahov X Male!Reader~Broken Promises I
[Part 1/2]
One year.
Today marked the first anniversary of your marriage to your beloved husband Anatoly Ranskahov.
You were excited by this, hanging up a banner and making a big dinner to share with him when he returned from 'working' with his brother. You knew what he did, you just preferred not to think about it. You knew the side to your beloved that he would never allow to be shown to anybody else, and that was the side of him you preferred to think about. He was good at separating out both parts of his life. Indeed, aside from your brother-in-law, nobody was even aware that Anatoly was married - let alone to another man.
You finished setting out the table, having pulled out the best china and cutlery you owned. It was still chipped, but not so much as the usual stuff.
Now that you were done preparing the table for dinner you got to your feet, looking around your old run-down flat for anything out of place. You'd cleaned the place up about three times throughout
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 16 7
Steven Stone X Male!Reader ~ The Perfect Stone
Author's Note: Involves the same reader as my last Pokemon fic (link in the description) so you're Sycamore's son as well, just because I can XD
There was a smudge of ink on your face.
You had never noticed before, in all the times you had looked at the photo. Not until Steven had pointed it out the first time he had seen it, laughing and gushing over how cute you had been at just 12.
The photo had been taken at the parade Professor Sycamore had arranged to celebrate the feats of his two top students - Calem, aged 11, who had captured Lysandre's legendary pokemon and defeated Team Flare, and Serena, aged 10, who had taken on the Elite 4 and Diantha to become the champion of Kalos's Pokemon League. They were in the photo as well, along with Tierno and Trevor and Shauna. And then there was you and the professor. You were happy, grinning widely and happily at the camera, engulfed in your father's arms as he held you tightly to him, his gaze and bright smile focused on you in a way
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 45 2
Mature content
2P!America x Male!Reader - My Kind of Music Pt. 1 :iconchamirhatake101:ChamirHatake101 40 4
floriology. oikawa x m!reader
“[F/N]-chan, I like you.”
You grit your teeth and resisted the urge to grind out ‘I told you a hundred times stop adding-chan to my name’ -- the more pressing issue was that Oikawa Tooru was confessing to you again.
This had become a daily occurrence. After his first public confession a few weeks ago, declared loudly in front of the whole class as he held your hand and leaned down toward you (curse your short stature). He looked so sincere that it seemed so fake, so of course you shoved his hand away and shot him down.
Yet he had begun to slip in the confession every day. At least once a day, but it was usually more.
Like now, as you stood watering the school garden. You were one of the only gardening members and club activities consisted of taking care of the campus plants and drinking lemonade made by the club president (Aiko, the only girl who agreed that Oikawa’s confession were annoying).
He had come to bother you yet again and you sighe
:iconkuragebot:kuragebot 202 18
Gideon X Male!Punk!Soldier!Reader ~Professionalism
Set after the mission 'Fissure', and has spoilers for the end of that mission
The journey back from Seattle had been a long one, spent for the most part - beyond checking up on injuries and the initial report back to Irons when you had been far enough away from the remains of the nuclear facility that you could be considered to have a modicum of safety - at least for the moment - in a contemplative and anxious silence. On a personal level, you yourself hadn't known Carter all that well, but the knowledge that you had lost one of your own was enough for your stomach to be tying itself in painful knots. And how many others had been lost, outside of your own squad? How many good men and women wouldn't be returning to their families? How many civilians had you failed to protect?
You knew the questions would drive you mad, if you allowed them to, and so you pressed them to the back of your mind. Undoubtedly Irons would be looking for a full debriefing from everybody when you returned
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 21 17
Gideon X Male!Soldier!Reader ~ Alone
Warning: Contains spoilers for the COD:AW mission 'Aftermath'
"Being alone with your feelings is the worst because you have nowhere to run. They're here, dancing in your mind and all you can do is handle."
The whirring blades of the helicopter sounded above you as you hopped out of the vehicle after Gideon and Mitchell, your senses immediately being assaulted by the sight and sound and smell of thousands of people forced from their homes and made to live in such close quarters for extended periods of time.
Gideon strode on ahead through the darkness and you followed behind him with Mitchell, Joker falling into step with the captain a little way from the helipad, zoning out a little as they started conversing about the mission. Almost inevitably, your bored [e/c] eyes trailed downwards as you walked along behind your boyfriend, settling on his backside and fixing on it, a small smile touching your lips. You longed to reach out and squeeze the masterpiece in front of
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 19 3
Altar x Male!Reader Chpt. 8
~ The Next Mission ~
The cool chill of Autumn had finally set in and presented itself in the form of a phoenix. Bright yellow and orange feathers popped out of the stiff trees in Masyaf. Clusters of red and brown merged together from the high viewpoint of the Assassin's Guild, ever perched on its hill. A small kingfisher glided close to the stone walls, trying to scavenge a suitable place to rest. It found a nice, sprawling tree branch near a window close to the ground. The bird turned its big blue head, chirping softly before pecking around it's small red feet. It chirped again, shrill this time, before flying off.
Much like the bird's wings, your eyes fluttered open, welcoming in the warm hues from outside. You groaned, sitting up from your slumped over position, stretching out the little kinks in your arms and back. You stared at the faint reflection of yourself in the glass, a pale ghost with tired eyes. You had fallen asleep again. It was inevitable, considering last night you had
:iconze-witch-arteest:ze-witch-arteest 33 12
The Last Game of The Season (America x MaleReader)
Song Fic! This was inspired by the song ‘The Last Game Of The Season’ by David Geddes. This song was my childhood. I’ve been meaning to write this for ages.
~~~~~~~3rd Person P.O.V~~~~~~~
He's just the blind man in the bleachers
To the local home town fans

There he was again. Same place as he always was. Sitting with the rest of the crowd in the bleachers as the local high school football team played against another high school team. It was their usual annual game. The man was always present at every single game. Everyone knew he was there, but no one sat with him. He was always there in his special little spot where he could hear what was going on clearly. His eyes may have been dull and blind, but he didn’t need them so long as he could hear what was going on.
And he sits beneath the speakers
Way back in the stands
And he listens to the play by play
He's just waiting for one name

Every game he sat there and listened; wringing his hands and
:iconcrazyanimeguy:CrazyAnimeGuy 32 8
Chapter 9 Jack Frost x Male!Reader
(m/n) walked along the streets of London. He could feel the rippling energy from a witch, but no witches lived in England as far as he knew. They lived in Scotland, Ireland and Wales, yes. But England was a zone full of people who hated witches, and even hunted them in this modern age. So this witch was probably the one he was after. The one that had trapped Death in the pocket universe.
(e/c) eyes scanned the surroundings, noticing that no one was out. It must be the zombies. After all, Kitsune had been put out of action, and no one was there to collect the on going souls, or as the white haired deity called them, ‘pure souls’. He made his way across the street, following the flow of energy as it was all going to one place. The Buckingham Palace.
Jack banged on the doors to (m/n)’s house. After a minute of frustrating waiting, he slammed open the door, running around the halls and into rooms to find the witch. He had left the pole in such a hurry that he wouldn
:iconlifecanbetough:Lifecanbetough 41 23



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